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These Blogs are a sense of….



Hey you, what words come to mind when you look at this?


Side By Side


Photoshop Edit.


Edit within Lightroom 4 with RAW image.

Photograph Info.

18 mm


1/50 sec

ISO 1600

In this photograph of my dog cooper, I really wanted to get rid of the purple tone on the side of his face. This image was taken in extremely low lighting however by adjusting the f-stop and shutter speed I was able to catch a some-what clear image of my extremely energetic dog, cooper. When editing the photos I went into each color individually and really focused on reds, purples and yellows in order to get that tone out of his face. His eyes are the only thing really in focus in this image, trying to get rid of most colors yet making it bold was exactly what I was going for.


Fence Photograph side by side edited in Lightroom 4.

Photograph Info




ISO 100

This photograph had many different colors I really wanted to brighten up, I brought it into lightroom 4 and really brightened up all the dull colors and gave it a bit of life, and excitement. I really wanted to bring out the yellows in the grass and the reds in the barn. I went into each color individually and brightened the up the tones and saturation of the colors.


This is a picture I took during the summer, thought it would be fun doing more then one by again adjusting the image color tones one color at a time.



With this photo there is 3 different things going on. In picture number one I was driving around down town with my camera on my dash, don’t really know if that is legal or not but I did it anyways! It picked up street lights and traffic lights which gave it the variety of coloration. Picture number 2 I ran around a dark field with a light and that was the end result. Picture number 3 I wanted to illuminate the tree as almost a shadow light object but in order to do this there had to be a solid light in the background of the image.

Picture 1: F-Stop: f22, ISO: 800, 35mm, 30 seconds

Picture 2: F-Stop: f22, ISO: 900, 25mm, 25 seconds

Picture 3: F-Stop: f22, ISO: 800, 30mm, 25 seconds

January, 16, 2013

Barn of Focus: F-Stop: 8, Aperture: 8, 55mm, No flash

Pile of wood in focus: F-Stop: 9, Aperture: 9, 35mm, no flash

Complete area shot: F-Stop: 11, Aperture: 11, 18mm, no flash

Barn of Focus

barn is the focus

This is the image where the barn is in focus and the fence is in the background again while shooting this image, the lighting was perfect no flash needed the f.stop was set at 5.0 and aperture was at 5.0 also. Getting a shot like this entailed changing the focus of the lens, this creates the element of depth between myself and the objects.

It’s a Barn Life

close focus

For whatever reason my camera didn’t allow me to use manual mode to take shots like these, so I had to put it into an auto mode and just change the focus manually in order to take these shots. The F.stop for this image was set at 5, the aperture was set at 5 and the ISO at 100 the focal length was 22. when taking this image there was no flash used wanting to capture the natural lighting of the natural environment. The fence is clearly the focal point in this picture while the barn is the image in the background.


JOYWhen thinking about the word joy many different things come to mind, it can be displayed by the comfort of light colors, the smiles and laughter of people. This is a picture of my cousin Kyra enjoying herself on the Beach of Mexico, sharing some laughter while we threw some sea-weed back and forth at each other. The thought of Mexico the warmth of the weather, and the energy of water and waves gives the photograph movement and the constant element of a joyous feeling.