womanspace logo


This is the logo I designed for the local Womanspace resource centre. When designing I initially wanted to go with a design that had some sort of a tree feel with roots, however once I started to play around with that kind of design I thought it looked like a mustache which would not in any way resemble what Womanspace is about in anyway. When I flipped around the image I started to realize that what I had done looked something that resembled wings. The gears started turning, Womanspace is all about giving freedom to woman that may be in some rough situations, the flight away from there old life is something that the organization is all about. The circle gives a sense of unity that brings everything together and ties the logo all together from font to design. The color pallet I wanted to stick with the color pallet that they had on their webpage, taking color swatches from a screen shot with there page I incorporated all the colors into the logo keeping the sense of unity once again with the logo. The font that I used I was something bold enough to be read clearly, while keeping the main word WOMANSPACE in a larger font that is the name you want to get across to people, and they would also like to know that it’s a resource center.


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