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steel factory



When talking to Steven I had a pretty good idea as to what he was looking for, I personally have worked in a factory so really understand the whole how its made process. Once he told me the route in which the poles went it was pretty easy and straight forward as you can see I did two different styles. The one has words describing the steps and the other one does not. I do believe that Steven was satisfied with the outcome of which I created and had no real objections to the design lay out.




Collage of Bear to Bare


When creating this side by side image, it really did not take me too long to know exactly where I wanted to go with it. I started off with searching for bare images of human bodies skinned through a few images and not wanting to offend anyone I decided to go with a safe image. Once finding a bare image that met those criteria I thought of a movie I had watched called Beastly, I thought about dead trees and how dead trees look somewhat bare to there usual state. I brought the image of the dead tree and played with a few of the different editing settings I found pin light worked the best of the look I wanted. I wanted to keep this image simplistic, not safe. When I think of the word bare a blank page comes to mind however that was not apart of the assignment. Once the tree was in there nicely I then figured adding some color into the image would be idea as it was pretty bland. Not wanting to bold of a color I went with a more fleshier pink tone. Imported a pink patterned photograph and went from there, playing with settings so on so forth. You will notice the person in the photo isn’t exactly a clear image I wanted more of a artistic approach using my favorite filter in Photoshop I added it in there to add more edge to the image.

Bear image.

This one could have been as easy as adding a big old grizzly bear right to the middle of the page and be done with it. However again little thought I knew exactly what I wanted using cutt out of the bear eliminated the background of the image the bear came from. I wanted to give this image a bare look to it also keeping the unity amongst the two images I incorporated the exact same colors by taking paint swatches from the initial image that I had put together. Once I had the image put together still keeping it pretty plain I wanted to bring in trees to tie the two images together. Playing with the filter settings I was able to turn down the opacity on pretty well everything in this image. allowing the background to give the image some kind of movement while not keeping it heavy in one place or another. The balloon was a image I found once imported and saved I was able to manipulate the image enough to give it the color I wanted while creating depth with the drop shadow I created to the image.

Over all I am extremely satisfied with the way these images turned out.

dead tree (thirst)

IMG_3350: Corky/AF4PM and Ben/KF4KJQ Hold the Balloon

Black and White Tree Branches Abstract

Brown bear posing

My Idea For side by side image

My idea I decided to go with after my head cleared and I got over this cold I had all week. I decided to go with bare and bear the reason for this is that it both ties into nature, both being mammals I found that it showed a sense of unity between the two. It could be classified man vs. nature too something that I always find as a interesting topic. Lets see what I can come up with now!

I stand against


I stand against campaign was running all week something I think is extremely important for the attentions awareness, so I partook in the writing on my hand and took some fun images of myself with my new canon t4i.