Animated GIFs


After much playing around with this assignment I finally got it to work, I was saving it as a JPEG and not a animated GIF, the animation I did with the drawing I wanted to be super simplistic not much movement. I am very used to working within flash media and not doing animation within photoshop, so this is a first. When designing this I kept within the 300×300 px to keep is small and box like. I then had to save it for web and devices which once I figured out not to save it as a JPEG but rather a GIF it would finally work. Its little mistakes like that, that I am sure will make me have gray hairs in the near future I am sure.

morningglory morningg2

This is my stop motion image I enjoy playing around with filters so once I had put the original one together of me getting ready in the morning I thought lets play around with the cutout filter on photoshop. I think it almost makes it look like a rotoscope. Something that can be so time consuming been there once don’t plan on doing it anytime soon again. When creating this stop-motion edit within photoshop I put the last frame as the first frame to give it a sense of pause. Secondly I put all the frames to a 2 second delay so you can actually see the transitions of me getting ready step by step. The GIF is 300×300 with 256 colors the basic for a GIF.


This collage image was extremely basic with 3 layers, not really knowing what to do with this  I really enough hot airballoons not sure as to why, but I do. The dimensions of this GIF is 300×300 px which keeps it in a square perimeter which keeps the file size down.


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