Week 1/2 blog entry

Within these first few classes we were introduced to what we would be introduced to throughout this semester from the very beginning of interaction to where we are currently in 2014 of what is considered interactive. We were assigned “what is interactivity?” this article really stressed the idea of different views of what is considered interactive from different peoples perspectives. Once the reading was done and the final statement was made the thing that really stood out to me was the fact that once something is common nature and we just do it instinctively it is actually no longer interactive because you are no longer learning anything from what you are interactive with and it is no longer considered a surprise or cognitively new to our minds.

We had a group discussion on Monday discussing this article with the rest of the class and something that was brought up was the difference between what is controlling and what is interactive! this is an interesting thought. When interacting with something we are essentially controlling it with the way we are interacting with it.

The animated hologram of the dog which moved with your movement is was brought up that it could be controlled by the person however you are encouraged to interact while controlling the dogs movement. Now hypothetically you now can touch this animal and feel something by touching this, does this now change it from controlled to interactive? and how? this may change the entire experience of the subject that is in the process of interacting with it by touch…

Wednesday we were introduced to the notion of pop up books now these have been around for years however there is always interest as a child to an adult that if you do a + b you’ll get c. or if you do something it will result in this. It creates a level of curiosity with the subject (s) that are taking apart in the interactive process. Pop up books are interesting and give another level of interest within the viewer.


One thought on “Week 1/2 blog entry

  1. dc says:

    Thoughtful comments Caitlin!

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