Interaction Design Sketchbook Response

I am going to be honest I struggled pulling away an understanding of this reading but I tried my best. This reading was a little hard to follow so I had to go through it a couple different times locating and writing specific things that really stood out to me in this piece of writing. The first thing that stood out to me was the fact that he had discussed how computers were changing the process of design where things are so easily manipulated, considered the craft process. There is no time to essentially sit back plan and analyze the results of the work. Is this because people demand results immediately with very little trial and error?

The way that the author gives metaphorical understanding on each different process of interaction is interesting because it gives you a different approach of understanding what each section. The labels that were given were BRAIN, TOOL, MEDIA, LIFE, VEHICLE, FASHION relating each one to human interactions and how it relates to interaction.

How much do these labels actually impact our every day activities on how we interact with different technology?How easily are we influenced by and with computers in every day life?

Is it easier to understand symbolically/metaphorically? at what age do you think this was important to us?

Do you believe that computers enhance itelligence? or motivate manipulation empowerment? and embrace more media entertainment? Is it because technology makes it easier for the viewer? or just adaptation of the current age?


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