Week 4-5 blog entry

We got introduced to this the subjectivity of interaction there is many different types of interactions. As a class we were able to experience with many different types of interactions whether or not it was constructing an interaction or merely being the subject of interest for the interaction to take place, regardless of what we were doing the equation was a + b = c in most cases. We predominately worked within the fact that within interaction there can be censors in objects.


As a class we discussed what had sensors in it and I completely forgot about how many items within just a house could have the result of sensors. Take something such as a thermostat nothing we really consciously think about we set it and it does its job without the worry of an individual to continuously watch it. So does sensors essentially make our lives easier and make us lazier? Technology is advancing to the point that we no longer even need a remote to change to channel on the TV our TVs can now simply read our movements and determine what action to take without having to search the house for a remote that happens to be stuck within the couch cushion!


Does this happen to be a pro or a con. Will these advancements essentially make us dependent on technology for every day activities?


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